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RefAid - Refugee Aid App

The RefAid app is for migrants and refugees, and for volunteers and organisations that help them. It shows the location of and types of aid available on a map, with information about the opening days and hours. All of the aid shown in the app is from trusted official aid organisations. The aid is categorised by type including: Legal/Admin/Info; Food; Shelter; Water; particular aid for Parents and Children, Unaccompanied Children, Women and Men; Health; Education; and Toilets and Showers.

The app shows you what is available within 600 kilometers of where you are. There are services from more than 7,500 trusted service providers. Some services are available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, Ukrainian, Farsi, Arabic and more.

Features include:

- A list of all aid nearby, with a description and location of the services
- A map view of aid nearby, shown by category of aid, using colour coded icons
- Push notifications when there is urgent news in a particular location

Although registration is required with an email address, the app does not require user names.

While the app is not inherently educational, it can be transformed into a powerful tool within the classroom to foster discussions and lessons around humanitarian aid, geography, social studies, and more. This guide seeks to offer teachers a roadmap to utilising the app as a part of their curriculum effectively: Refaid Classroom Integration - DigiEdu4All EN.pdf

How do you use this tool?

RefAid App

RefAid App – how it works
  • Download the app
  • Open the app and confirm sharing of your location
  • Tap on each of the categories, displayed in different colours, to see information about that topic
  • Alternatively, click on the map icon at the bottom to see all of the services available around your area. Pinch to zoom in and out of the map. 
  • After clicking on a category you can click the language dropdown at the top to view the content in other languages.
  • You can also click the settings 'cog' in the top right of the screen to select your default language or to change your password.